Emerine Estates Winery.          


Wineshakes are a registered Trademark of Emerine Estates Winery. Created in 2003 and approved for sale in 2012, this unique product involves the fermentation of cream and fruits. Yeast fermentation takes place thus producing a one of a kind 7.5% alcohol dairy delicious WINE. Emerine Estates is the First and Only Company to produce and sell fermented cream in the world. Wineshake is the only product approved by the Federal TTB for production and sale of this kind. Please do not be fooled by Wine Flavored Ice Cream in which the alcohol is added as a flavoring. Those products are not fermented thus making them an alcohol based dessert. This is the only of its kind and can never be duplicated.

Wineshakes are served ;

Cones- $3.00

Wineshake Sundaes $4.49

Specialty Sundaes $5.29

By the Pint $6.29 

Wineshake shakes $6.29

Flavors include;

Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Peaches and Cream,

Strawberry Cream,

Caramel Apple Cream,

Coconut Cream,

Blackberry Cream