Emerine Estates Winery.          

Apple X-cider- Ohio cider apples with notes of Cinnamon, allspice and vanilla. 13.4 %ABV

Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon- Blackberries with a touch of class.  13.4% ABV

Blueberry- Blue crop and Elliot blueberries make up this complex wine. 13.4% ABV

Big Nuts Coconut- Pure coconut water fermented to perfection. 13.4% ABV 

Caramel Apple- Ohio estate grown apples with a touch of molasses. 13.4% ABV

Chocolate Raspberry - Ohio Raspberries with imported cocoa beans. 13.4% ABV 

Country Concord- Native Concord fermented to perfection. 13.4% ABV

Dirty Old Hooker- Fermented Lemon wine with exceptional flavor . 18-21% ABV 

Hunters Cranberry- Bold and seasonal cranberries, tart and delicious. 13.4% ABV

Mango Wine (Experiment 319)- Pure 100% Mango with great mouth feel. 12% ABV

Peach-Apricot- Ohio grown with undertones of butter and spice. 13.4% ABV.

Pink- Cherry with Pinot Grigio rounded to perfection. 13.4% ABV.

Razzle Dazzle Raspberry- Ohio Raspberries both red and black with a twist. 13.4% ABV

Strawberry Shortcake- Estates Strawberries. Undertones of sweet cake. 13.4% ABV.

Tropical Paradise- A 5 fruit married wine perfect for that summer day. 13.4% ABV.

Watermelon Wine (Experiment 424)- Mouth watering watermelon ripe from the fields. 12% ABV

Sweet Wines  $19.49 per bottle