Emerine Estates Retail Stores. New for 2017

Frequently asked questions?

Q: Where do you sell your wine in Ashtabula County?

     Sincerely; Shirley T.

A: New for 2017.  Grumpy Grandpas at 3270 S. State St

    in Ashtabula County will now be carrying  the follow

    products; Exp 824, Exp 831, Seduction, Dejavu, Pink,

    Tropical Paradise, Watermelon, Mango, Big Nuts Coconut

    and Dirty old Hooker.

Q: Where do you carry your product in Trumbull County?

     Sincerely; Douglas J.

A: You will find a generous supply of our delicious wines at Diles

     Market located at 55 S. Leavitt Rd Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430.

Q: How do I get your wine sold in my area? Joann T.

A: ​Any customer wishing to have our products placed in an area near

    you please Email us the Establishments name, location, phone

    number and contact person. Also provide your contact information

    so we can contact you when our product becomes available in

    your area. Please remember that our products are limited as a

​    result of being Greenhouse grown.


Emerine Estates Winery.