Emerine Estates Winery.          

Greenhouse grown grapes have been a tradition here at Emerine Estates since 1999. Trading off the standard field grown technique for a more stable and controlled environment assists in molding the growth of the grape for a higher quality. Currently we lease 14 greenhouses in the Ohio region and have developed new greenhouse designs to minimize human interaction. Old school greenhouses require continuous maintenance and a lifetime of watering and fertilization.  After years of trial and error we have developed a solution to producing a more user friendly greenhouse. New for the 2014 growing season is a self contained greenhouse which requires minimal watering for 24 months until the root system is sustained and no watering from that point and beyond. Fertilization is self contained and sustained for over 20 years. These 2200 sq/ft self contained units are manufactured following the replacement of 250 tons of growing material in 8'-12' deep self sustaining growing pods. This allows maximum growth potential and 100% higher grape yield with less vine stress. Watering is maintained by an intricate network of gravity fed water lines. Less human interaction will minimize diseased plants and vine loss. Each vine is self fed and watered per its own demand thus allowing the vine to grow 365 days per year and producing 2 full yields of grapes. First primary budding are noted in February and harvested in the month of August. The secondary budding begins in July and are harvested in February. Each vine produces 4 gallons of high quality juice during the year which yields 300 gallons in total per greenhouse per year.


Greenhouse Growing