Tear Drops Chardonnay (Greenhouse Grown)

Ohio Chardonnay with notes of Butter, Smoke, Pear and Citrus. Oak aged in 2013 American Medium Toasted Barrels for 12 months. Full bodied white with exceptional mouth feel.  750ml.

Wine-Pinot Noir (Greenhouse Grown) Worlds first Greenhouse Grape 1999.

Estate grown Ohio Pinot Noir with notes of Butter and Tobacco. Oak aged in 2012 American Medium Toasted Barrels for 18 months. Full Bodied Red Wine.  750ml.

Dejavu (Greenhouse Grown)

 Ohio grown Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of Merlot. Oak aged in 2012 Standard  American Oak for 24 months.  Great mouth feel with exceptional balance. Full Bodied Red Wine.  750ml.

Seduction (Greenhouse Grown) Ohio's First Coffee wine. Est 2003

Ohio grown Pinot Noir with strong notes of Coffee, Mocha, Cherry, and Butter. Undertones of Vanilla and Chocolate round out this complex full bodied wine.  Nude Oak aged with minimal Oak tones.  750ml.

Dry Wines $19.49 per bottle


Emerine Estates Winery.