Emerine Estates Winery.          

Concord Club Members Dinners.

​Saturday December 16, 2017 at 6pm.

​Concord Club Feast. RSVP mandatory please.

Food, Wine, and Entertainment.

Call to receive your complimentary tickets if you are a 2017-2018 Concord Member.

Purchase a case of wine (Bottles retailing at $19.49 or above) during the year automatically enrolls the purchaser in our elite Concord Club for a one year span. The purchaser will receive 1 Complimentary couples ticket to our Private Club Parties. Each additional case purchase will add an additional couples ticket.Additional tickets may also be purchased. (No limit in the number of additional tickets which may be purchased)

All Parties will be listed in above area. A Concord Member may attend ALL parties during their 1 year membership. Should members be unable to attend certain parties during the 1 year membership, special arrangements will be granted to assure attendance at the following years events.

Each year 2 dates will be selected for Concord Club Parties. These dates will appear on the website or sent via email 6 weeks prior to the event. All Concord Members MUST RSVP.

Concord Club